All About Customized Pizza Options

29 September 2018
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Long gone are the days of ordering a simple pizza the restaurant felt like offering as one of their 'specials'. Now, pizzerias are taking note of the number of customers who want even more options. Along with adding things like gluten free pizzas to their menus, pizzerias are also adding to their list of toppings to cater to their new wave of more demanding and creative customers who know exactly what they want. Changes don't stop at the toppings either, new sauces are also showing up on those pizza menus.

Crust options

You used to have to choose between hand tossed, thin crust and pan crust. Now, you have to think things through even further, would you prefer twisted crust, cheese stuffed crust, garlic crust or another type of crust on your pizza? You'll now have the options to choose such crusts. This can turn someone who used to toss the crust into someone who savors them. Let's not forget, there's always a gluten free option for the gluten intolerant as well.

Sauce options

You may be used to ordering your pizza with light sauce or extra sauce. However, now you may need to put even more thought into this. Are you sure you wouldn't prefer ranch, chipotle, buffalo sauce, barbecue sauce, hummus, pumpkin pizza sauce, sun-dried tomato sauce, tapenade or just some good old garlic and oil?

Cheese options

If you choose to even have cheese on your pizza at all, you can choose the traditional mozzarella, or choose from many others. Some of the other types of cheeses you may have to choose from include ricotta cheese, cheddar cheese, Monterrey jack cheese, Colby, provolone and shredded Parmesan.

Topping options

Along with all the traditional pizza toppings the pizzerias have been offering for generations, you can now choose from a wide array of new ones. Different flavors of chicken and new types of meat are constantly becoming available as new pizza toppings. Also, new fruits and vegetables are making their way onto the pizza menus. Surprising new toppings like fresh berries, nuts and spices are being added into the mix constantly.

Special customized pizzas

You can get special themed pizzas offering you a cross between pizza and another one of your favorite foods. You can order a cheeseburger pizza, a buffalo wings pizza, a taco pizza and a wide range of other types of pizzas that allow you to enjoy two different types of meals at the same time.

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