3 Ways To Get The Most Value From Your Fast Food Purchases

5 August 2017
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Fast food can be a great way to feed everyone quickly when you're on the go or you just need a break from cooking dinner, but sometimes you need to save money too. Maybe you need to feed a lot of people on a budget, or maybe you forgot to bring your lunch to work and you're trying to get something to eat with the change that you found in your car on your lunch break. Read More 

A Banquet Hall Can Give Your Employee Award Ceremony Elegance

10 February 2016
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Making sure your employees feel valued is very important for your business, which is probably why you're hosting an award ceremony. But, are you sure your awards ceremony will communicate the elegance that your employees expect? The following guide will help make sure your ceremony has a palpable elegance and show you how a banquet hall can help. How Your Business May Benefit From This Award Ceremony Many experts have noticed that employee morale can have an effect on your business. Read More 

Tips For Going Out To Eat And Maintaining Your Vegan Lifestyle

15 October 2015
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Going out to eat can be difficult as a vegan because many restaurants are not going to specifically cater to your dietary needs and because you might have a difficult time finding food that you will feel comfortable eating. Here are some tips for going out to eat and still being able to maintain your lifestyle. 1. Plan Ahead Your first step is going to be to plan ahead. If you are going out to eat with friends, make sure that you know what restaurant you are going to be going to ahead of time. Read More 

Tips For Eating Vegetarian At A Chinese Restaurant

7 August 2015
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When you are eating at a Chinese restaurant as a vegetarian, you might be at a loss for what you can order to make sure that you avoid meat. Here are some tips for keeping to your normal diet when you are going out to get Chinese food with your friends. 1. Check for Hidden Meat Products in the Sauce Before you order anything, talk to your server and ask him or her to identify any sauces that he or she knows for sure to be vegetarian. Read More 

Popular Dishes In Vietnamese Restaurants

17 July 2015
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Although there may be special regional menu items in some individual Vietnamese restaurants, there are some popular dishes that can be found in nearly every Vietnamese restaurant in Canada. These include: Pho Pronounced "phuh" , this noodle soup is a staple of the Vietnamese diet. Although beef is the most popular variety of pho, it is also served with various kinds of meat. There are some restaurants that serve a vegetarian pho, using tofu in place of meat, and vegetable stock instead of meat broth. Read More