Ordering Pizza For A Big Crowd: Four Tips To Follow

2 April 2018
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Few foods are better suited to a big party than pizza. People can eat it with their hands, and everyone seems to love it. Yet, ordering pizza for a hundred or more people is not as straightforward as you might think. Here are four tips to ensure it goes off without a hitch -- and that everyone enjoys the food.

1. Order Plenty

Figure out how many people are attending, and then multiply that number by 2.5. That's the number of slices you should order, assuming the pizza comes in normal-size slices. Most people eating the pizza will have 2 slices, but there will be a few who have an extra slice or two and a couple of people who only have one slice. 

If you are ordering pizza for a really hungry crowd, such as a group of football players after a game, you are better off ordering some extra. Multiply the number of people by 3 or 3.5 to get a good estimate.

2. Stick With Simple Toppings

Sure, some people in the crowd may love mushroom pizza or a pizza topped with six different meats. But these are rather polarizing toppings since many people won't like them. You're best off sticking with basic toppings that appeal to more people. Plain cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and peppers are all pretty generic choices that most people won't turn away from.

3. Order a Cheese-Free Vegan Pizza

Lactose is pretty common among adults, and there are probably some people in the crowd who are vegan, too. A single pizza without cheese should satisfy these two groups of people. Have it topped with just sauce and some veggies, like olives, peppers, and mushrooms. If someone does not like one of the veggie toppings you choose, they can pick it off. At least there will be a pizza that meets their dietary restrictions.

4. Have The Pizza Cut Into Smaller Slices

Ask the pizza restaurant if they will cut the pizza into smaller slices than normal. This will allow your guests to try a couple of different types of pizza. It will also prevent them from having to take a big slice if they only want a little more -- or having to messily cut through a pizza slice to share it.

With the tips above, you'll simplify the process of ordering pizza for a big crowd. If you need any more advice, ask the restaurant you're ordering from. They can tell you what has worked for other customers with big orders.