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A Banquet Hall Can Give Your Employee Award Ceremony Elegance

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Making sure your employees feel valued is very important for your business, which is probably why you’re hosting an award ceremony. But, are you sure your awards ceremony will communicate the elegance that your employees expect? The following guide will help make sure your ceremony has a palpable elegance and show you how a banquet hall can help. How Your Business May Benefit From This Award Ceremony Many experts have noticed that employee morale can have an effect on your business. You will be doing the following by taking the time to make this ceremony extra special for your employees: Boosting overall drive Gaining or regaining loyalty from your employees You’ll motivate your employees to do better Elegant Atmosphere Simplified With A Banquet Hall The key to creating the right atmosphere relies on where you have your awards ceremony. You should make sure your guests know that you took time to organize this event. This should help your employees see how much you care about them. One thing that most ceremonies have in common is a sense of elegance, which is why a banquet hall might be the best choice for you. A good banquet hall can offer: –These types of venues are already equipped with lighting that can be personalized for your ceremony. Be sure to consider lights that highlight your company logo, which could be done with underlighters (conspicuous soft ground lights) that could highlight logos on the wall. Or, consider lights that will enhance the elegance of the event (usually with shadows and gold-like strokes of light throughout the room). Many banquet halls come with chandeliers, which should go a long way towards making the event feel elegant. Remember that many banquet halls do have lighting engineers that could be helpful in your event because proper lighting is an art form. –Atmosphere can be enhanced with the right type of music. Most banquet halls come equipped with a clear sound system that you can use for music and announcements throughout the ceremony. Of course, most people perceive classical, neoclassical, or jazz as elegant music; just make sure the volume is set for background music. You can talk to your banquet hall representative about other ideas you may have to make this event a successful one, like in-house catering. But, you have a few good reasons why throwing an awards ceremony is a special investment in your employees and how a banquet hall can help. Learn more about banquet facilities by White Shield Banquet Halls or another location to help with your decision...

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Tips For Going Out To Eat And Maintaining Your Vegan Lifestyle

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Going out to eat can be difficult as a vegan because many restaurants are not going to specifically cater to your dietary needs and because you might have a difficult time finding food that you will feel comfortable eating. Here are some tips for going out to eat and still being able to maintain your lifestyle. 1. Plan Ahead Your first step is going to be to plan ahead. If you are going out to eat with friends, make sure that you know what restaurant you are going to be going to ahead of time. Then, look at that restaurant’s menu. Make a list of different meals that seem like they could be vegan or meals that could easily be adapted to being vegan. For example, if you go to an Italian restaurant, look ahead of time for dishes that don’t automatically contain cheese and for dishes that have lots of vegetables such as mushrooms and tomatoes. If you find a dish that’s perfect but that has chicken, make a note of the title of the dish and the fact that you are going to need to make sure that you order it without the chicken.  If you can’t find anything that will suit your dietary needs at a particular restaurant, make sure that you call ahead and ask if they are able to make any accommodations as long as you give them enough notice. Many restaurants will be happy to help someone if they know the date and time that the person is going to want to eat a special meal and will be able to come up with something that you can eat with relative ease. 2. Make a Meal of Sides If you cannot find an entree that is going to work for you, scour the list of sides for ones that are appetizing to you and fit within your lifestyle. Choose three or four sides and make sure that you pick one that has beans or some other food that contains a lot of protein. Doing this will allow you to ensure that you are able to go out to a restaurant with your friends and not force them to choose a special restaurant just for you. 3. Find the Vegetarian Options Finally, ask your waiter if he or she is able to offer you a vegetarian menu and see if you can adapt any of the meals that are on this menu to vegan meals such as by removing the cream or swapping the sauce for something that doesn’t contain dairy. Some restaurants will have a vegetarian menu that is not automatically given to guests. It doesn’t hurt to ask. For more information, talk to your waiter or waitress from local Italian restaurants in Fort...

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Tips For Eating Vegetarian At A Chinese Restaurant

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When you are eating at a Chinese restaurant as a vegetarian, you might be at a loss for what you can order to make sure that you avoid meat. Here are some tips for keeping to your normal diet when you are going out to get Chinese food with your friends. 1. Check for Hidden Meat Products in the Sauce Before you order anything, talk to your server and ask him or her to identify any sauces that he or she knows for sure to be vegetarian. Many Chinese restaurants use chicken broth or some other type of meat-based broth in their sauces. This will allow you to immediately eliminate certain items from the menu because you know that they are made using a meat-based broth. 2. Check for Egg Next, you are going to want to check for egg product. The most common culprit are the noodles in the lo mein. Ask your server if there are any eggs in any of the noodles on the menu. He or she should be able to pick out the noodles that don’t have eggs and if they don’t have any egg-free noodles, then you know that you’ll have to stick with white rice. This will also help you narrow down your menu options. 3. Look For Vegetables One of your best bets for vegetarian dishes are dishes that have steamed vegetables in them. This type of dish will have a large enough number of vegetables to keep you full and might even have cashews or peanuts for the additional protein. Steamed vegetables can also easily be served without any sauces because they are steamed, rather than being sauteed in a sauce. If you can find absolutely nothing else on the menu that will work with your dietary guidelines, then you can at least ask for a steamed vegetables. 4. Check the Soups If you don’t think that vegetables are going to be enough to fill you up, also ask to see their soups. Look for vegetable soup because this is almost always made with vegetable broth and will likely be safe for you to eat. For more information, talk to your server. He or she might be able to put in a special order for you due to the growing number of people who are adopting vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. The restaurant might even have special options ready to go for you to choose...

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Popular Dishes In Vietnamese Restaurants

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Although there may be special regional menu items in some individual Vietnamese restaurants, there are some popular dishes that can be found in nearly every Vietnamese restaurant in Canada. These include: Pho Pronounced “phuh” , this noodle soup is a staple of the Vietnamese diet. Although beef is the most popular variety of pho, it is also served with various kinds of meat. There are some restaurants that serve a vegetarian pho, using tofu in place of meat, and vegetable stock instead of meat broth. Many Vietnamese restaurants that specialize in pho are given their names by the number of spices that are used to make their broth, such as “Pho 24” or even “Pho 75”. Pho connoisseurs will often travel to every pho restaurant in their area in search of authentic tasting broth. Pho is usually served with a large plate of Thai basil leaves, mung bean sprouts, and lime slices, all of which are added to the bowl of steaming noodles. Spring rolls Vietnamese spring rolls are wrapped in rice paper and can be served steamed or lightly fried. They are light and airy, as opposed to egg rolls, which tend to be heavier and more oily. Spring rolls usually contain shrimp, lettuce, and pickled vegetables such as shredded carrots. Many restaurants offer meatless options for Buddhists and other vegetarians. Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake) Banh xeo resembles an omelet more than a traditional pancake. It is prepared round and flat with small pieces of pork or shrimp mixed into the batter. After cooking, mung bean sprouts are placed in the middle and it is served folded in half. Banh xeo is served with large lettuce leaves, Thai basil, and bowls of Vietnamese sauces. A large piece of lettuce is wrapped around a piece of banh xeo and dipped into the sauce bowls, then eaten with the basil leaves. Che Ba Mau (Three color drink) This is more of a dessert than a drink. It consists of red beans and sweetened mung beans mixed with pandan and tapioca strands that resemble gelatin. It is served in coconut milk and topped with crushed ice. The ice is mixed by the customer as the dessert is eaten, keeping it cold and refreshing. Vietnamese coffee A fine ending to a meal, Vietnamese coffee is naturally sweet and served very strong. It is brewed at the table using a metal filter that is placed atop the coffee cup, and is made to be sipped slowly and savored after a...

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Thai Appetizers That Are Best And Worst For Gout

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If you suffer from gout, you have to think about everything that you eat, which can make going out to eat difficult. Take the worry out of going out to eat by using this guide to help you choose Thai restaurant appetizers that will not trigger your gout, but are also tasty enough that your friends and family will want to share them with you.  Appetizers To Enjoy Vegetable Spring Rolls: With gout, vegetables are your friends, and so is a vegetable spring roll. A variety of different vegetables are shredded and then wrapped inside rice paper and fried. Most restaurants also serve this dish with a side of sweet and sour sauce. Crab Rangoon: You don’t have to give up eating meat altogether if you have gout, you just have to be careful about what you can consume. Crab is on the seafood safe list. This tasty dish incorporates crab meat, as well as some cream cheese inside of a fried wonton skin. It has a crispy and soft texture all at the same time. Chicken Satay: Chicken is another meat you can feel free to enjoy if you have gout. Chicken satay is just a marinated Thai chicken dish that is generally served with peanut sauce and cucumber slices.  Fresh Rolls: If you are trying to stay away from fried foods for some reason, instead of spring rolls, order some fresh rolls. These rolls contain fresh veggies such as bean sprouts and cucumber, and are wrapped in a soft shell. You can even order spring rolls that contain chicken, shrimp or crab meat; all meats you can enjoy on your gout prevention diet.  Calamari: If you have a hankering for some seafood, feel free to order your table some calamari. Fried Tofu: If you enjoy eating tofu on a regular basis, you are sure to enjoy this deep fried tofu which is generally served with a house sweet and sour sauce as well as some peanuts.   Appetizers To Avoid Due to your gout, you should avoid any appetizers that include common gout trigger foods. The top two appetizers you should avoid are: Pot Stickers: Although pot stickers contain vegetables, they also contain ground pork. Pork is one the list of meats that is known to commonly trigger and contribute to gout.  Fried Wontons: Just like pot stickers, fried wontons also contain pork. If you want to avoid triggering your gout, avoid eating wontons.  The next time you go out for Thai food with your family and friends, order one of the appetizers from the “Appetizers To Enjoy” list to share with everyone. That way, you can insure that there is an option on the table that you can enjoy as...

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Dietary Restrictions Have You Avoiding Seafood Restaurants? Bite Back With These Tips

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If you want a great seafood meal, you can’t find one any fresher than at an ocean-side restaurant. If you have dietary restrictions, however, the menu can hide potentially life-threatening foods. Food Allergies Research shows that approximately 20% of Canadians over the age of 12 suffer from allergies, including lethal food allergies. Seafood and shellfish are common food allergies, but a lot of confusion surrounds a diagnosis. If your doctor diagnosed you with a shellfish allergy, inquire as to whether you are allergic to crustaceans (lobster, crab, and shrimp) or mollusks (octopus, oysters, and squid). You are most likely allergic to only one type of shellfish, so you need not avoid all kinds. A finned fish allergy will also impact your visit to a seafood restaurant. If your doctor diagnosed you with a finned fish allergy, you should avoid common seafood dishes like salmon, tuna, mahi mahi, trout, and tilapia. You should also avoid sneaky sources of fish, like Caesar salads and Worcestershire sauce. Keep in mind that even if you do not actually eat the foods that trigger your allergies, cross-contamination of cooking utensils can unwittingly expose you to these foods. Alert the waitstaff to your allergies so that the restaurant staff can do all they can to keep you healthy. Even if all precautions are in place, you still run a slight risk of having an allergic reaction. Lactose Intolerance Lactose intolerance will also impact your experience at a seafood restaurant. Even though this dietary restriction is not nearly as serious as a food allergy, it can cause a great deal of discomfort. If you are lactose intolerant, then consuming milk products will give you gas and diarrhea. If you want to avoid these symptoms, stay away from menu items that contain cheese, milk, and cream-based soups. Dishes frequently found in seafood restaurants that contain dairy products include clam chowder, Caesar salad, and slaw. Gluten Sensitivity If your doctor diagnosed you with celiac disease, you have an autoimmune disorder that affects your daily eating habits. If you have celiac disease and eat wheat, barley, and rye products, the gluten in those foods will trigger your immune system to attack your small intestine. Celiac disease causes long-term serious medical problems, so avoid foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a sneaky substance that can lurk in the most unsuspecting foods. At a seafood restaurant, this means passing on menu items like breads and pastas, and even beer. If you order oysters, skip the crackers; if you order fish, avoid fried and battered preparations. Many restaurants now offer gluten-free options, however, so ask if you can substitute these products with ones that will not trigger your immune system. If you’re looking for a good restaurant in your area, visit Riptide Marine Pub Grill &...

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Pizza Varieties From Southern Italy

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If you love pizza, then you might be interested in the regional varieties of southern Italian pizza. Pizza is served all over Italy, but it was originally a dish from the south. If you go to a nice restaurant that serves Italian food, they are likely to serve authentic styles from the different regions. Here are some of the examples of regional pizza. Naples Naples is home to one of the most famous pizza styles in the world, the Margherita. This pizza is smaller than most pizzas that you will find in North America. The dough does not contain olive oil, so it’s light and not as chewy as other pizzas. The classic ingredients include San Marzano tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella, olive oil and salt. The mozzarella is sliced very thinly, not shredded. This gives the pizza a very unique look. Traditionally, these pizzas were made in brick ovens. Many restaurants have installed brick ovens in order to achieve the authentic taste. Rome When you think of pizza, you’re probably thinking of something that resembles a Roman style pizza. It is larger than the Neapolitan pizza, has a chewy dough, and is covered in shredded mozzarella. There is a variation of the regular Roman pizza called pizza bianca. This pizza does not have any tomato sauce. Instead, ricotta cheese is used as a base for the mozzarella. The pizza is finished with olive oil. Finally, if you want a classic Roman pizza that is covered in toppings, consider the pizza capricciosa. This pizza is topped with garlic, prosciutto, mushrooms, and olives. Sicily Sicilian pizza is one of the most famous of southern styles. The dough is much larger than other pizzas. It is square and baked in a deep-dish pan. Unlike other pizzas, it is topped with hard cheese. The cheese is usually Pecorino Romano, which comes from the Sardinia region of Italy. Because fishing is such an integral part of Sicilian culture, you will often see sardines on the pizza. Most restaurants today use mozzarella on Sicilian style pizza. The dough, however, is still made in the original style. It is a very hearty pizza. Puglia Puglia is south of Roma. It is situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is home to one of the most unique of pizzas: Pizza Rustica. It is like no other pizza you’ve ever had. It is a special type of pizza that is popular at Easter. The pizza is very big; it has the dimensions of a large cheesecake. It is round, with a small diameter, and is very high.The dough does not contain yeast, and is similar to a pastry crust. The filling includes cheese, olives, tomatoes, vinegar, sausage, and onions. For more information about authentic pizza, contact Amico’s Pizza Italian...

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6 Strategies To Take A Salad From Simple To Scrumptious

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With salad season on its way, you might be thinking of ways to enjoy the best produce of the season in a new and tasty way. The truth is, there are some tricks to making a great salad, and these simple strategies are some techniques used by restaurants to transform simple salads into a delicious meal. Below are six ways to enhance your simple salad: 1. Spice up your greens. Lettuce is nice, but why not give it a little jolt of flavor? Add fresh herbs to your usual salad greens for a tasty note that will leave guests wondering how you made a salad taste so good. Add fresh leaves of parsley, chives, and mint to give lettuce a lift. 2. Toast your own croutons. Big, crunchy croutons are something that many people enjoy and may even pick out of a salad to eat. Toast your own for pennies, using stale bread tossed in olive oil and spices. Toast bread cubes in a hot oven until they are dry and crunchy, and store them in an air-tight container for up to a week. 3. Dress and toss the entire salad first. Pouring salad dressing on at the table can result in some leaves getting too much dressing while others get too little. Take the time to add dressing and toss the salad prior to serving or putting in your dish to eat, so that the dressing is uniformly distributed throughout the greens. Add the dressing to the bottom of your salad without tossing to keep it crisp when traveling or taking lunch to work, and toss before eating. 4. Add a little protein. If veggies simply don’t seem to fill you up quite enough, add some more protein to your salad. Think a little bit outside the usual chicken or cheese, and try hard-boiled eggs, canned shrimp, or even cubes of tofu for extra protein that will satisfy a hungry appetite. 5. Don’t forget the seasoning. One issue that some people may find is that their salad is bland and tasteless; this may be due to a lack of seasoning. Simply adding salt and pepper to your salads before serving can make a big difference. Don’t add salt to salads that will be eaten later, as the salt can cause veggies to wilt when stored. 6. Add at least one unique ingredient. Make a simple salad your own unique dish with at least one unexpected component. This might be some crunchy sunflower seeds, luscious lobster, or fresh berries to add a touch of sweetness. Summer is an excellent time to find the freshest and most flavorful produce widely available, and a great opportunity to eat more vegetables. Try these six suggestions to take your salad from simple to scrumptious, and feel like you are dining out in the comfort of your own kitchen! If you do want to dine out locally, consider visiting Stardust...

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