Three Things To Look For When Selecting A Neighborhood For A Student

15 November 2017
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Perhaps you're an older student, or you've decided that living in college dorms just isn't for you. This means you'll probably have to find a place to live on your own. College-bound students who will be relocating to new communities in order to pursue their studies often wind up renting the first available apartment that comes their way -- and then spending the rest of the school year and perhaps even longer regretting their choice. Small one-bedroom and studio apartments within student price ranges are all pretty much the same, but the neighborhoods themselves vary widely, so the key to successful apartment life is finding the right neighborhood rather than the right apartment.

Even if you're taking a vehicle or bicycle with you to your new location, you should seek an apartment rental in a neighborhood that has certain features within easy walking distance. Here's what to look for:

Parks and Other Green Spaces

Small student apartments can feel claustrophobic if you don't have easy access to green spaces. A nearby park provides an excellent venue for grabbing some quick, mind-clearing exercise after a heavy study session. You could also look into renting an apartment in a complex that has onsite green spaces with walking paths, picnic tables, and other park-like amenities, but these will probably prove to be more expensive than their counterparts that don't have cultivated grounds.  

A Decent Grocery Store

The last thing you want to do is schlep across town on a cold rainy night when you've run out of essential food and beverage items, so look for a place with a decent grocery store within walking distance. This will also come in handy when it's time to do your regular shopping -- you'll save plenty of time.

Sandwich and Pizza Shops 

Every good student neighborhood should have several sandwich and pizza delivery shops. There will be times when you'll be understandably reluctant to break into valuable study time to prepare food and would rather have a pizza or sandwich delivered to your apartment. These can also serve as socializing venues for when you want meet friends and get a relaxing break from the study grind. Another benefit of living in an area with multiple sandwich and pizza options is that they may come in handy if you need to pick up a part time job in order help make ends meet while you're in school.