4 Ways To Enjoy Italian Food While Watching Your Weight

26 September 2017
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If you are trying to watch your weight, going out for Italian food is probably not on your do-to list. However, you can actually enjoy the food at an Italian pizzeria and not put on the pounds if you make the right dietary choices.

#1 Go For Whole Grains

If you are a pasta lover, order whole grain pasta for your favorite Italian pasta dish instead of regular pasta. Whole grain pasta has more dietary fiber in it, which means you are going to feel full for longer when you eat dishes made out of whole grain pasta. Regular pasta is low in dietary fibers, which causes you to become hungry much faster than you should and can contribute to weight gain.

#2 Be Picky With Your Sauce

Next, you need to be picky about the sauces that you choose to use when enjoying Italian food. Stay away from the cream and cheese base sauces, such as alfredo. Instead, stick to dishes served with a red sauce, pesto, wine sauces or oils. All of these types of sauces are much lighter and healthier for you.

This is true if you are enjoying pizza or if you are enjoying some pasta. Cheese based sauces will not help your waist line.

#2 Add More Vegetables

When ordering pasta or pizza, go for more veggies over more meat. For example, if you are ordering pizza, add some sautéed mushrooms and roasted red peppers to your pizza. If you are ordering pasta, ask for some sautéed vegetables on top of your pasta. Italians love to enjoy their vegetables, and Italian restaurants will add them to just about any dish if you ask for them. You can also order a side of vegetables to go with your dish.

#4 Skip The Bread Bowl

Finally, it is tradition at many Italian eateries to serve bread with the meal. If you are trying to watch your weight, choose to skip out on the bread bowl. Eating multiple slices or rolls of bread from the bread bowl can add a significant amount of calories to your meal. Skipping out on the bread bowl is a great way to control your calories when enjoying Italian food.

You don't have to give up Italian food if you are on a diet. Instead, when you go out for Italian food, skip the bread bowl, go for whole grain pasta and pizza crust, avoid cheese sauces and add more vegetables to your dish.